Friday, May 08, 2009

PTO carnival

Today Haruki and Minami's elementary school had a PTO carnival.
That festival was organized teacher, parents and volunteer.

We also donated some snacks and some goods for outdoor.
Those are packed altogether and are arranged as a bid.

Haruki and Minami had some games with their ELL teacher and, Haruki won the game and got a ticket for cake. Haruki could choose any cake made by volunteer parents.

I thought Haruki should choose Po Panda cake ,but he selected turtle green cake.

I don't know why, he might be impressed by green color?
Haruki, Minami and Kanami could enjoy small games, and with ground equipments.

After that we ate nice cake, and Otomi turned cakemonster!

Anyway we had happy time at their school.
We hope we can enjoy that carnival next year!

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