Sunday, May 31, 2009


Almost 3 month interval, I went to golf at Eagle hills golf course.
We started from 10 o'clock.
But I got up at 6:30, did I feel tense??
It was not too much hot to play, but I drunk a lot of water.
First nine hole, we are so rushed that I was very difficult to play easily.
But second nine hole, we have no disturbing, so we could enjoy playing.
After all it was not bad score for me, but I need more practice especially drive!

When I got back home, all of kids were waiting for me.
They wanted to be taken for swimming.
I needed to bring them to pool where is located in our subdivision as promise which was made yesterday.
They enjoyed swimming at there for 1 hour, we return to home by walk.
And while we took curry dinner at outside, Otomi and Kanami went to dream world!
After dinner Ritsuko discovered small germ which just came up.
We belive that is basil last year we planted!

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