Saturday, October 24, 2009

Shopping and Golf

This morning, there was public H1N1 flu shot.
It started from 10 A.M. we got there 9:30 because we had over slept...
So many people already lined up, and we gave up to wait at once we saw them.

We changed mind quickly and went to shopping.

We got a new Halloween decoration!
And I still on the way to finishing baby bed, so decided to purchase small crib for 1st floor.
When I finished the hand made bed, I'll set it for 2nd floor.
After noon it was Golf day today!
I used winter pass and got low score 101 but still over 100.

It was pretty nice weather to play golf and walking.
Today's walking count showed about 24000 steps.
But it seemed too many, too much sensitive?
At home Ritsuko try "Milk France" again and it was more tasty than yesterday!
Haruki and Minami, they were getting better now.

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