Saturday, October 10, 2009

Farmer's market

This morning we got up early and went to farmer's market at downtown Boise.
We arrived almost starting time and it was so chilly day that there were a little people there.

We got many fresh things from farm producer, vegetables, honey and mushrooms.
Red one is "Lobster mushroom",so tasty!
Brown is "Shi-take", it is also popular in Japan.
I forgot the name of yellow one.
We enjoyed shopping at there for one hour, then we supposed to get back to home.
But I had mistake to my home, fortunately we found fresh fish market, "Reel foods".

We had heard the name of that shop, but we had no chance to come.
Ritsuko chose some row fish and clam.
After noon, we played golf in Centennial golf course.

In the middle of the playing, it was hail but not so long time.
My score is so so, but putter is worse.
After golf, I and Po went to shopping.
And finally I purchased club for putter!

I'm looking forward to trying new gear!
Tonight we had good dinner with fresh clam and lobster mushroom!

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