Thursday, October 08, 2009

Birthday party!

Today it's my birthday!
When I came back to home, all of kids made cookies.
They tried to make several shape and variation.

Kids acted as a birthday party host.

They introduced me and sing a birthday song.
Main dish was Temaki-sushi, which was made by myself , chose favorite fish and wrapped with sour rice by Nori;which is made from seed.

Kanami ate so well and Haruki save for cake.
Finally special cake time came, it was made by Ritsuko, and which had a lot of fruits, strawberry kiwi banana and pineapple.
No! Otomi, it's my turn!!

It was so tasty that I finished it at soon!
Thank you for having very nice party!
Thank you very much all of kids and Ritsuko!

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