Saturday, October 03, 2009

Chilly golf

Today we had golf round in Lakeview golf club at noon.
By the weather forecast, there were no rain almost cloudy.
But it was so chilly and windy day.

We start at two but it was so slow, some one hit the ball too many!?

Unfortunately when we finished the 5th hole, rain came and we gave up to continue.
Fortunately, course master gave us rain check for 9th hole.
We will try to play again.
After the round, we enjoyed Okonomiyaki-party at Tomy's home!
Thanks very much Tomy and Yumiko-san!

1 comment:

Alex said...

I wondered if your guys could play or not.
But you did despite of chilly weather condition.

On Friday, Dayna - forgot the correct spell - told us how to swing through playing in Falcon Crest. It was so efficient for me because he is so good engineer that his explanation was logical easy to understand.

Let's play together this week.
See you tomorrow.