Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pretty busy Sunday

It was 5th of Yarkinicos golf cup in Ridgecrest today.
Recently I practiced a lot and getting better skill gradually.

I played Axel, K-san and Jeff.
It was nice weather to play golf, and we could enjoy playing.
I and Axel were leaded two of them and we got best score.
I got 100!
I wished to be under 100, it was almost!
I'm looking forward to next chance.

I and Axel were not able to attend awarding ceremony.
Because .....
It was Sunday, so Laser's game day!
We had game at Ann Morison park today.
Unfortunately we were just 11 people, so it meant we need to play all of 90 minutes.
There were no extra person!!
We had nice game, we got 2 points and lost one at first half.
Then we lost one and got big 1 score at second half, we won!
I had a big chance to shoot, no one was front of mine except the goal keeper.
But my foot had miss kick!!
I couldn't trust my right foot.....
I run and run today, I also run 5km yesterday, finally my leg was gotten cramps!!

Anyway I did my best to play both of golf and soccer, I had a good time.

1 of bad news, Minami had fever today.
I hope she can get better (and not flu) at once .

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