Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Grand parents from Japan

Today my father and mother arrived to Boise.
I picked Kanami and Otomi up and went to airport with them.

Last time when they met Otomi, she could not walk and talk yet.
But she could meet her grand parents in the arrival lobby with her foot and say hello!
They were so surprised Otomi's growing.

They brought a lot of Japanese things, foods, snacks, books and so on.
All of kids were presented Japanese books by them.

They looked so happy and be excited!

Anyway It was good for us to see my parents safely.
Father was little bit tired and he went to bed early.

After dinner,
I and Axel went to registrate Indoor soccer for next season when it will start next month.
And we saw the game that was current season session.
We can't wait next month!

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