Saturday, October 17, 2009


Today I had many items.
In the morning, I run 5km race at Julia Davis Park with Kevin family.

The goal was Bronco stadium, I was happy to run Blue turf!
It was so nice weather and good for running.

Then we went to Pumpkin patch to Meridian.

There was huge corn maze also.

We enjoyed seeing pig race and riding pony.
Minami got 1st prize in Pig race
After that we pick pumpkins, we chose several shape and color.

Final event!
Friends of our kids had a birthday party.
We went to birthday party.
There were jumping house, so all of kids were excited and play with a lot of smile.

They had a good time and we also could enjoy the party.
Today it was pretty busy but we had a lot of fun.
Thanks to all of friends!

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