Sunday, October 11, 2009

Halloween Shopping and Soccer

Today we got up early again.
And we went to shopping.
We are still looking for good things for Halloween.

We visited "Halloween Express", where is located Fairview and Milwaukee.
It was special shop for Halloween and open in the Halloween season only.
There were lot of scary skeleton and horror doll, so Otomi stayed on the cart in silence.

Recently Ritsuko was easy to shopping with Otomi, because there were many Halloween goods at several shop, so she is more silence than usual.

After shopping we tried Five Guys hamburger shop.

It was relatively-new shop, and recently it was famous for good taste and true to some one's reputation.

After lunch, It was Soccer time with Lasers!
Today, in the first half, I could not run as I expected.
Then second half, I tried to do my best.
However we lost 6 points and we had no points.
I felt a lot of frustration.
I hope we can have a good game and win in the next week.

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